1. Planning and engineering of telecommunication systems:
  • Exploratory inspection and analysis of systems` functioning.
  • Engineering of strategy and concept of systems` working.
  • Engineering of technical specifications.
  • Assistance with engineering of performance specifications and technical conditions to project systems.
  • Detail planning including preparation of standard estimated calculation documents.

2. Integration and implementation of systems:
  • Structured cable systems and cable wiring of buildings.
  • Data, speech, images transmission systems.
  • Data transmission systems to control manufacturing equipment.
  • Systems of office communication and operative-dispatch communication.
  • IP-Telephony systems.
  • Multiareal audio paging systems.
  • Time distribution systems.
  • Automated control systems.
  • Systems of uninterruptible power supply.

3. Project management:
  • Development of detailed plan of project implementation (including cost estimating).
  • Application of modern controlling and modeling aids.
  • Plan modification and control of implementation process.
  • Follow-on (if project is implemented by other companies or Customer independently).

4. Advice, warranty and post-warranty service:
  • Advice of Customer's technical staff locally.
  • Warranty repairing and equipment replacement.
  • Service and technical support at the expiration of the warranty period.
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